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Be aware of the symptoms of diabetes

Many people who do not know, how to diagnose their blood sugar levels higher than normal levels or the body needs, unless they do a medical examination.

They also do not know exactly when the symptoms of diabetes mellitus come into a healthy body and cause organ damage sufferers.
symptoms of diabetes

True, in the early phase of its development many diabetics who do not feel strange in their bodies.

There are three things people should know about the symptoms of diabetes. Even more than three symptoms of diabetes should be wary.

Before we discuss too much, we discuss first three symptoms of diabetes at an early stage. It is important for you to know before the doctor pronounced, high blood sugar and impaired insulin function.

Early symptoms of Diabetes

Polyuria. Patients with frequent urination, especially at night, and with a lot of volume. It is caused by high blood sugar levels can not be tolerated by the kidney, and that urine released not too concentrated, the kidneys have to pull a lot of water from the body.

Polidipsi. This condition occurs because your body draw a large amount of fluid, so you will continue to feel thirsty. You might be tempted to drink and drink continues.

Polifagi. This is the condition in which you often feel sluggish. This happens because your Insulin is problems, so that your cells can not absorb sugar properly so your lack of energy, and when this happens your brain will respond less to eat.

No wonder if people with diabetes continue to feel hungry and want to eat more. Once the symptoms of diabetes is detected early stage, the patient must inevitably carbohydrate diet plan and exercise regularly. There is no other way that can prevent you from more chronic conditions.

Symptoms of Diabetes Phase (Acute)

Well, if you currently are three symptoms you've been through, it means you are in a zone of acute diabetes. In this condition, the patient usually often experience tingling, thick skin, and a hot needle, easy drowsiness and fatigue, cramps, and sexual desire plummeted.

If the patient is pregnant, it rarely happens miscarriage or fetal death in utero, or Even if the baby was born safely, weight will exceed four pounds.

If you are already familiar with the condition of your body, it's time to seek proper treatment. True, the doctor is the first person who can help you.

prepare low fat and carbohydrate menu that can lower blood sugar levels. consumption of green tea (drunk without sugar), and cinnamon.


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